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Specialized ophthalmology consultations are provided by Dr. Sandra Watier, who holds a CES in veterinary ophthalmology from the ENVT.

During this consultation various examinations are carried out: measurement of the intra-ocular pressure, examination with a biomicroscope (slit lamp), test stains and samples, ultrasound...

A complete follow-up will be given to your companion, both medical and surgical if necessary. We perform surgeries of the eyelids and its appendages, of the cornea and certain affections of the anterior segment of the eye. For example, we take care of corneal wounds, entropions and ectropions, dislocation of the nictitating gland, biopsies...

Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.


At the Vetocare clinic, we regularly perform abdominal, cardiac and ocular ultrasounds. This examination allows us to visualize the different organs of the animal in a non-invasive way.

Dr. Marion Debraine performs ultrasound examinations to establish or refine a diagnosis, to search for a foreign body, to monitor and control a known pathology (stones, pancreatitis, hepatic monitoring, prostate diseases...).

It is also possible to confirm and/or monitor a pregnancy and take certain biological samples.

Contact us also for heart disease screening and follow-up (performed with ECG and Doppler).

Laboratory analysis

In the laboratory area, we carry out, among other things, complete blood and urine analyses, dermatological examinations (layers, scrapings with staining), blood and vaginal smears, blood sugar curves, rapid ELISA tests (FeLV/FIV in cats, parvovirosis, Lyme disease, erhlichiosis, leishmaniasis, etc... in dogs). We work with Fujifilm analysers.

Dr. Marie Canihac will accompany you to best meet the diagnostic needs of your companions.

In particular, it performs cytological examinations (observation of cells after puncture of a cutaneous or subcutaneous mass or ultrasound-guided puncture of an organ). 

However, in some cases we will have to send the analyses to specialized external laboratories (histological analysis, dosage of certain hormones, genetic research, serology).