Welcome to the Vetocare Clinic

The clinic welcomes you in a space designed for the comfort and well-being of your pet and yours.
The reception has a separate waiting area for dogs and cats. We will do everything possible to limit your wait and your pet's stress.
We also invite you to come and weigh your pets whenever you want or simply come and say hello to get your pets used to walking through the clinic door without apprehension.

The clinic

The clinic has 3 consultation rooms, including an ultrasound room, a radiology room and a laboratory. In the back there is a separate kennel and cattery, a large care and preparation room and a surgery room. If you wish, we will show you around the clinic!

For visitors and "ex-pat" pets we offer a full identification, micro-chipping and Pet Passport service as well as all the necessary procedures required for your pet to leave France. For further information please do not hesite to contact us or visit the following websites : www.douane.gouv.fr (the information is in English) www.gov.uk

Adapted equipment

We wanted to work with a complete medical and surgical technical platform in order to bring the best possible care to your companions within the framework of generalist consultations or surgeries of convenience, digestive, urinary and traumatological.

We also have high-performance technical equipment for complementary examinations or specialized consultations in imaging or ophthalmology.

The clinic
Cat Friendly

Notre clinique VetoCare a obtenu au mois de juillet 2021 l’accréditation CAT FRIENDLY CLINIC GOLD !

We are the first to have obtained this accreditation in Bordeaux and the CUB!

Nous détenons actuellement le plus haut niveau : le niveau « or ».

But what does this mean for you and your companions?
The Cat Friendly label has become a reference for the well-being of cats since its launch in 2012.

A strict set of specifications, which meet the requirements of the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) and the International Cat Care Foundation, must be met to obtain this label.

Three levels are offered to clinics wishing to be listed: bronze, silver and gold.

La structure vétérinaire doit remplir toutes les conditions d’accueil et d’aménagement nécessaire à cette médaille. Les différents équipements éxigés par le label sont disponibles sur le site internet de l’ISFM.

In practice, the Cat Friendly recognition means that the facility and its members are concerned by all the criteria essential to promote the optimal reception of our feline friends:

Waiting room: separate, with high beds and blankets specific to Valerian.

Consultations: dedicated room (application of valerian and/or pheromones) with possible explorations and calm environment.

Equipment and complementary examinations: exhaustive material adapted to feline examinations.

Hospitalization: Exclusive adapted space. Boxes reserved for cats and completely separated from the dogs' boxes. Large boxes for longer stays.

Medication and laboratory: for specific feline use (Snap tests in particular).

At Cat Friendly Veterinarians, priority is given to the well-being of the cat, throughout its care in the clinic. The cat as a species is placed at the centre of all reflection on the layout of the establishment, with clear objectives: to avoid stress, to soothe the cat, to facilitate the clinical examination and to limit handling under sedation.

The equipment is not the only thing that needs to be fitted out to be Cat Friendly.The nursing staff is also invited to be trained to understand and apprehend the cat's behaviour.

L’ ISFM a mis en place une page recensant tous les cabinets et cliniques accrédités en France : map of Cat Friendly clinics..

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